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Each day, men and women have a variety of responsibilities to maintain. They work long hours establishing themselves professionally, supporting their loved ones, and maintaining their health. It’s difficult to strike a balance with all these responsibilities. Trying to gain professional success at the expense of one’s dreams and relationships is a grave mistake, as is making a fortune while dissatisfied.

Having a well-rounded life should not be a difficult goal to achieve.  Any goal can be attained with enough study, motivation, and utilizing a tested formula. It’s precisely what you will get in the Live L.I.F.E. Wealthier (TM) Podcast with Marta Skik Harich! This show is essential listening for any career-minded individual, parent, or business entrepreneur who “wants it all”, and feels stuck and uncertain about the next steps.

This podcast provides a holistic approach to transforming life into a wealthier one. The acronym L.I.F.E. stands for “love,” “inspiration,” “family,” and “enterprise,” and it encompasses all four of these important aspects. Find a way to maintain a healthy equilibrium among them without giving in to destructive habits.


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